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Joe Exotic: The Talent Acquisition King

Yes, you read that title correctly!

We love having the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park using our recruitment marketing software.

Well, at least in our dreams...

With the majority of the population social distancing to avoid the coronavirus, Tiger King has taken over living rooms all over the world. The show quickly became one of the most popular docuseries of the year.

Every software company has a list of dream accounts they would love to work with... and after binge watching the Tiger King, I would definitely want the G.W. Zoo as a FuseMe customer.

I can only the imagine the conversation we would have with Joe Exotic's Talent Acquisition team and Marketing team about their recruitment marketing efforts.

So it got me thinking... what would it look like if Joe Exotic had his very own Branded Careers App for the Zoo?

Let's look at their employer brand, candidate experience, and overall engagement on their sourcing efforts!

Employer Branding

If there is one thing Joe Exotic did well... it's that he knew how to create a brand for himself. He took every opportunity he could to put his face out there. His Branded Careers App would be no different.

While other companies would simply put their logo on the glyph (the image that goes in the app square), Joe would want his face... oh, and a tiger of course.

Honestly, this needs to become a reality.

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, prospects wanting to stay up to date with G.W. Zoo's open positions would see Joe's face in all its glory.

With every text message, snap, or tinder swipe, Joe is front and center constantly delivering his brand into the hands of others.

When people download the G.W. Zoo Careers App, they must create an account using their name and email.

This is an easy way for Joe and his team of recruiters to identify candidates and increase their talent pool. Joe can understand who is downloading his app with the intention of working for the G.W. Zoo.

Joe would want the candidates that know they want to work for G.W. Zoo and aren't just engaging with his company because of a saturated job board.

Joe and his Talent Acquisition team can then research these prospects further to dissect the talent that might be working at other competitive Zoo establishments, people who have intense industry knowledge, or even someone who is looking to relocate to Oklahoma!

It would be a no brainer that our Branded Careers App would be the perfect sourcing solution for all of his needs. Anything to get ahead of Carole Baskin, right?

Premiere Candidate Experience

Joe Exotic was all about innovation. He was doing everything he could to put his zoo above the rest. Whether that was adding magic tricks to his roadshow, starting a reality television broadcast, or even writing country music hits... he was doing it all.

So why wouldn't Joe let his Talent Acquisition team have the the most innovative technology?

Joe Exotic would take pride in the mobile-friendly interface that comes with his Branded Careers App. Although the jobs posted might not make it past HR...

Carole Baskin Stalker

Tampa, FL

Of course Joe would need to add personnel to his not-so Legal department. He would need a full-time stalker to keep up with his rival in Tampa, Florida.

Music Video Director

Wynnewood, OK

If there ever is a scandal, Joe would write a song and film a music video for it. Joe would be on the hunt for a director who could bring an overall higher quality to the videos. Of course, this prospect MUST be familiar with his latest hits "Here Kitty Kitty" and "I saw a Tiger"

Campaign Manager - Governor

Wynnewood, OK

Quoted from JoeExoticTV, "The State of Oklahoma needs a real working person, Joe lays it out so he can continue with no drama because he already admits to anything he has done in his past. Honesty is the best policy"

If you believe honesty is the best policy too, then working for the Exotic Campaign might be your next gig!

Husband #4

Wynnewood, OK

If you watched the show, you would know all the business operations of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park Zoo would not be efficiently run if Joe didn't have his husbands by his side...

Engaged Talent Pool

If there is one thing Joe liked more than his tigers, it was talking! Any chance he could get.

Thankfully, within Joe Exotic's Branded Careers App is a messenger!

That means Joe, or his team of recruiters, can instantly answer questions about open positions, pre-screen a candidate, or even schedule an interview.

Conversation between Joe Exotic and prospect:

Recruiter: What do you know about running for Governor?

Prospect: Nothing.

Recruiter: Can you start tomorrow? G.W. Zoo at 7 AM?

All jokes aside, candidates often have questions that need to be answered before they can apply.

With the instant messenger, recruiters can guide prospects to jobs that best suit them.

I mean, if I was applying, I would want to know what the day-to-day schedule looks like for a Tiger Whisperer or if the position at the Zoo comes with Dental insurance.

To engage the candidate even further, if a prospect downloads the G.W. Zoo Careers App, the Talent Acquisition team can simply notify prospects with push notifications straight to their phone about new job openings!

Yes, Joe's face with the tiger (or your company logo) would pop up right on the home screen with the new position!


Since our Branded Careers App integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems, which one do you think would fit G.W. Zoo best?

If you aren't the G.W. Zoo, that is okay. We would still like to work with you too!

Simply type in your email here and we will reach out to all you cool cats and kittens about how to get your own Branded Careers App.

P.S. Be prepared to answer whether or not you think Carole killed her husband...

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